Technical Aesthetics

YULIA YEFIMTCHUK+ is an independent, unconventional fashion label of conceptual womenswear and unisex clothes with strong cut, minimalistic elements of uniform and workwear with a bold message behind each collection. The inspiration and main slogan of Yulia’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection – Техническая эстетика (“Technical Aesthetics”) – was a scientific, practical and methodically illustrated magazine, issued since 1964 in the former USSR. The aesthetic design of the magazine, graphics, text and the visual presentation of information made it a key source of inspiration for the S/S 18 collection. The collection interprets and stylizes workwear clothes, its simple silhouettes with elements of technical design. The main idea is to show and emphasize the beauty of the uniform, its practicality and freedom.


Yulia designed the Oversized Shirt in her signature red colour to symbolise strength and rebellion and added large front patched pockets inspired by Soviet-era workwear worn by women. The bold Cyrillic print text translates to “aesthetics”.

The White Midi dress was inspired by Matorin Nikolai’s “Rhythm of labor.” The photograph, taken in 1960, shows a woman working in a textile mill wearing a white apron. The crisp white colour and the straight cut of Yulia’s White Midi Dress echoes the apron and dress worn by the woman in the photo and the elasticated waist and neck self-tie strap underlines the comparison.

Yulia’s oversized print polo shirt features the graphic from the cover of Техническая эстетика magazine and it is a modern reinterpretion a traditionally male garment – with an exaggerated, oversized length and fit, the shirt canbe worn as a top or a dress. This fresh take on an old staple symbolises the spirit of modernity encapsulated by the Техническая эстетика magazine.

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