#femme4femme / #heels4men

VERV LONDON is excited to introduce our newest brand, Syro, from New York City, USA. Syro is a queer POC business making kick-ass high heels in men’s sizes! Refusing femme oppression and liberating femme expression is at the core of Syro and we fucking love it…

“When I wear heels, I feel power. My back is straight, my ankle is stretched, my head is high, and my hips sway.”

“In my dreams, femme expression is just another normalized piece of this fun thing we call ‘fashion.’ Why so serious?”

“The more people stare at me, the more powerful I feel. Maybe I am delusional, but I confront danger head-on.”

“Click-clack, click-clack, click-clack. That beautiful, elegant sound. My walk, my movement through space — punctuated with sonic femininity. The juxtaposition of this sound against my boyish presentation. It feels crystal-clear. It feels correct.”

“Wearing heels is an active statement. It is both my armour and shield against patriarchy.”

Images courtesy of Syro. Quotes are excerpted from interview of Syro founders, Henry Bae and Shabo Han

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