Queer Responses to Brexit

On 31st of January, at 23:00 GMT, the UK officially left the European Union (EU) after almost 4 years of political back and forth following the controversial public vote in 2016 that ended with a mere 52% leave majority.

This decision could not be more opposed to our values. As a company that works with designers, suppliers and customers across the globe, unity is a key component of VERV LONDON’s DNA.

Therefore, it’s important for us to uplift and prioritise the voices of queer and gender non-conforming creators around us, to reinforce our global community that cannot be divided by legislation.

Chema Díaz:

Chema’s self-titled brand mixes the nostalgia of early 2000s fashion with a queer perspective on conservative Spanish imagery. His latest collection ‘Bandido’ featured tongue-in-cheek political slogans such as ‘fuck me, I’m an immigrant’. Speaking to i-D, Chema explained ‘after the result of the referendum, many people have been emboldened to express their racist attitudes. This is something that happens here, in Spain and many other countries. My work is, in turn, a comment on the fetishization of the immigrant: they want to throw us out of their countries, but, after all, they always want us in their beds. Chema’s Bandido collection is exclusively stocked at our London store.

Anne-Sophie Cochevelou:

French costume and jewellery designer Anne-Sophie Cochevelou has made headlines using the power of costume. She is a major proponent of wearing your convictions, whether she is creating anti-Brexit couture in her studio or marching to protest the referendum in her EU eleganza. Anne-Sophie’s work is focused on breaking down barriers in fashion, through upcycling everyday objects and materials into beautiful accessories and bespoke outfits. She has shown her work multiple times at London’s Queer Fashion show and frequently works with ‘Drag syndrome’ an explosive collective of drag queens and kings with Down’s syndrome, taking over the drag scene!

Katarzyna Perlak:

Katarzyna Petrak is a London-based Polish artist whose multimedia work explores queer narratives, migration and national tradition. Her performance piece ‘Polish Wedding without Censorship’, challenged the conservative movement in Poland, a product of the same nationalist attitudes that tipped the Brexit vote. She presents a refreshing vision of queerness aligned with the Poland’s history and her own Polish-British experience. Her work has generated important debate around the relationships between Brexit, migration and queer identities.

The VERV LONDON family extends our support to all of our friends in the EU and we look forward to continuing to collaborate without borders!

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