Queer Voices in Fashion

With New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week all presented during LGBTQ+ History Month, at VERV LONDON, there is a continuous acknowledging of a correlation between fashion and the observance of LGBTQIA+ lives and history. As a month of orchestrated events ends, VERV LONDON continues to acknowledge the significant contributions made to fashion by LGBTQIA+ individuals, as well as the potential of emerging queer designers and artists.

With the LGBTQIA+ community always utilising fashion – whether it be as a medium to express individuality, project identity, in protest, or to communicate and identify tribes, the growing conversations around expression and the rise of genderfluid designs, reflect a generational way of thinking and demand for change. VERV LONDON is a forerunner rejecting the baseless idea that clothing has a gender, and is answering a demand for representation and choice, whilst championing emerging queer talent.

As the UK’s first multi-label retailer of genderfluid fashion, VERV LONDON continues to stock designs that exceed beyond gender restrictions. From Patrick Church, Nihl, Palomo Spain, Ka Wa Key, DRESSEDUNDRESSED, WINDOW00, to the recent addition of Orange Culture, a brand that defies the clichés of Nigerian masculinity, VERV LONDON acknowledges both emerging artistic talent and fashions inherent queerness. Beautiful embroideries, dreamy layering, delicate volumes and silky elements of romanticism, and strengths in cultural referencing are the visual constitutions within VERV LONDON that push the boundaries of gender binaries. To quote designer Palomo Spain, (i-D Spain, 2016) he believes in “same opportunity to stretch their personality through their own aesthetic style without any barrier” regardless of gender.

Should you be interested reading about the contributions Queer and Trans People of Colour have made to fashion, please read; “The QTPOC Contribution to Fashion Is a Conversation About Identity and Expression”.

Nahuel Contreras

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