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At the core of VERV LONDON is our determination to challenge oppressive social norms and our belief that every person should be free to and live life on their own terms. VERV LONDON is committed to supporting the LGBTQ+ community and inspiring organisations such as The Albert Kennedy Trust. As part of this commitment, VERV LONDON will donate 5% of the sales from its entire Spring/Summer 2018 collections to AKT to help and support LGBTQ+ young people like Anira, King, Parishma and Yuuji – because no young person should have to choose between a safe home and being who they are.

Our diverse Spring/Summer 2018 collections are drawn from brands all over the world and present a wide mix of styles, emotions and aesthetics.


PALOMO SPAIN – Alejandro  Gómez Palomo’s outstanding Palomo Por Favor collection is a beautiful combination of traditional Spanish aesthetic and tailoring techniques mastered by Palomo during his time in London. The more relaxed aesthetic of this collection suggests couture for the streets with a terrific mix of Chantilly lace blouses, satin jackets, pinstripe suits and gorgeous flamenco outfits.

GOLA DAMIAN – Bad Boy Georgian designer Gola Damian’s collection is a fanciful take on genderless fashion. The collection has a subversive, jester-like vibe of Clockwork Orange, and a splash of nouveau dandy in a mash-up of suits and feminine Victorian touches. Standout pieces in a Mondrian print of white, orange, and burgundy, along with a splash of leopard print present a cool look for anyone confident enough to pull it off.

YULIA YEFIMTCHUK+ – Straight from the Ukrainian underground, Yulia Yefimtuchuk+’s politically powered Technical Aesthetics collection draws from Soviet era workwear and presents a vision of strong and empowered womanhood that could not be more relevant today. Yulia’s collection features Cyrillic prints and a utilitarian silhouette. This cool collection provides a terrific blend of workwear and sportswear with big-pocketed button-ups, apron dresses and casual trousers.

DANSHAN – The London-based brand’s innovative Learning with DANSHAN collection subtly subverts menswear canons and captures the ramifications of gender with subtle twists. Through this collection DANSHAN encourages you to cast your mind back to your school days and the constraints of expression but also the equality that school uniform can create. The collection explores societal expectations about masculinity and strives to encourage men to open up and allow themselves to feel vulnerable. The collection beholds the statement: “DANSHAN know that vulnerability is strength.” 

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