Since Day 1, VERV LONDON has been inspired by Kyle’s fearless style, beauty and strong stand for individuality and self-expression. Kyle personifies our firm belief that clothes and makeup have no gender and every human being should be free to wear whatever they want and express their true selves. 👠🍑💋🌈🙌🏾

Kyle is wearing the Lace Dress with “Madranos” and Grey Linen “Bat’ Shirt by PALOMO SPAIN

Kyle is wearing the Leather Trench Coat by AYCH

Kyle in full look – Cinched Trench Coat, Silk Shirt with Sliders and Black Bondage Trousers – by NIHL

Kyle is wearing the Plumeti Ruffled Shirt and High Waisted Velvet Trousers by PALOMO SPAIN

Kyle in Tech Trousers by PALOMO SPAIN and Stalactite Earrings by YOSTER


Photographer: Danny Baldwin
Makeup: Megumi Sano using FLUIDE
Hair: Pal Berdahl
Assistant & BTS: Maite de Orbe

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