VERV LONDON in Support of The Albert Kennedy Trust


VERV LONDON is proud to unveil its Spring/Summer 2018 campaign in support of THE ALBERT KENNEDY TRUST (AKT), the UK charity created to serve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people who are homeless or living in a hostile environment. Many of the young people supported by AKT have been rejected by their parents or bullied at school just for being brave enough to be themselves. The campaign was inspired by the personal coming out experiences of the VERV LONDON co-founders and features four LGBTQ+ young people who were supported by AKT during their time of need. The campaign showcases the incredible courage and strength of these individuals and shines a spotlight on AKT’s important mission of preventing LGBTQ+ youth homelessness through safe homes and advocacy.

The young persons featured in VERV LONDON’s campaign are:


Parishma Patani – The youngest of the group, Parishma is a proud feminist and spoken word poet. She sought help from AKT when she was on the verge of homelessness. Through AKT, Parishma was able to find a supportive community who helped and mentored her. In the future, Parishma plans to get a degree in forensic psychology and become a police detective.

Parishma is wearing Church Dress and Print Coat by GOLA DAMIAN

Yuuji Kurosaki – A singer and musician, Yuuji grew up in France and now lives in London. He was referred to AKT when he was in need of housing. At a time when Yuuji did not have anyone who he could trust in London, he was able to talk to AKT support staff and discuss issues such as his gender identity. AKT’s support has given Yuuji confidence in himself and set him on a path to becoming independent.

Yuuji is wearing Stripe Khaki Shirt and Stripe Khaki Trousers by YULIA YEFIMTCHUK+

King Kwizera – King is a fashion design student originally from Rwanda. He sought help from AKT during a difficult time and he was able to talk to AKT staff about issues he felt he could not discuss with anyone else. AKT helped him find shelter and a group of LGBTQ+ peers who shared similar experiences and who were able to help and comfort him. King is currently applying to several universities in the UK to study fashion design.

King is wearing White Lace Blouse and Lace Detail Pinstripe Trousers by PALOMO SPAIN

VERV LONDON worked with photographer Alessandro Raimondo and filmmaker Liran Nathan to capture the personalities and personal narratives of these diverse individuals. The powerful black and white images shot by Alessandro are the centrepiece of the campaign and the images highlight the courage and determination of these young people in the face of adversity. The colour images (seeOur Commitment“) portray the joy and vitality of each individual, with the green and purple shadow—AKT’s logo colours—representing the help and support each of them received from AKT. VERV LONDON has also developed video content, including intimate interviews, special behind-the-scenes material and social media moments and is committed to sharing the authentic, personal stories of each young person. Through this collection of digital and video content, VERV LONDON has created an emotional and intimate platform for the young people to share their stories and themselves.

At the core of VERV LONDON is our determination to challenge oppressive social norms and our belief that every person should be free to and live life on their own terms. VERV LONDON is committed to supporting the LGBTQ+ community and inspiring organisations such as AKT. As part of this commitment, VERV LONDON will donate 5% of the sales from its entire Spring/Summer 2018 collections from brands such as DANSHAN, PALOMO SPAIN and YULIA YEFIMTCHUK+ to AKT to help and support LGBTQ+ young people like Anira, King, Parishma and Yuuji – because no young person should have to choose between a safe home and being who they are.

For more information about AKT, visit


Cast: King Kwizera (@kingkwizera), Parishma Patani (@iamnotpinotgrigio) and Yuuji Kurosaki

Clothing: Palomo Spain (@palomospain), Yulia Yefimtchuk+ (@yuliayefimtchuk) and Gola Damian (@goladamian)

Video: Liran Nathan (@liran_nathan)

Hair: Hirokazu Endo (hirokazu_endoo)

Makeup: Megumi Sano (@hymymegu)


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